Aman Reddy

Board Candidate

Hello. My name is Aman Reddy. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a Microbiology major and a CS minor.

I want to be a part of SGB for three main reasons: sustainability, university social life, and the availability of academic resources.

When looking at sustainability, it is easy to see that the University already has many student organizations working hard to make a positive commitment to the environment. However, one area that that I am primarily focused on is activities such as recycling. While there are recycling bins spread throughout the campus, the issue lies in their utilization. For example, contamination can cause a whole bag of well-intended plastics and papers to go in the trash because of a tiny bit of cellophane. As an SGB member, I hope to not only increase awareness, but also the efficiency of the recycling program throughout campus.

With regards to social life, I hope to work with SGB to plan current and potential future events. From organizing the fine details of the final event of Homecoming, to planning new fun and exciting events that make the upcoming stressful weekend a bit more fun, I hope to make sure that everyone can have some fun here at Pitt.

However, student events are not the only thing I wish to tackle. Due to the recent events regarding the campus dining, I hope to work with Sodexo so that not only does this not happen again, but that students do not have to worry about the quality and nutrition of their campus meals.

Lastly, I plan to focus my energy in SGB on the University’s student resources. Last year, SGB improved the hours of Hillman and even recently opened up a virtual reality room. As a board member, I hope to help push this momentum further. Perhaps there can even be more printers around campus so that you don’t have to wait half an hour to print a few pages before that essay is due in a minute.

Thank you for taking time to read this,

Aman P. Reddy