Aman Reddy

Board Candidate

Hello. My name is Aman Reddy. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a Microbiology major and a CS minor. I am running as an independent SGB board Candidate. As an SGB member, my initiatives would focus on improving three aspects of the Pitt community: quality of student life, community service, and SGB transparency.

Certain inconveniences can really make student life a hassle. During my time as a board member, my primary focus is to improve the quality of campus living. Not only for on campus students, but also commuter and off-campus students. I hope to negotiate with campus dining to not only improve the quality of campus food, but also the affordability of Market and the Perch. I also plan to establish programs that will help off campus students have access to reliable transportation. For example, while the Pitt campus does not have many parking spaces open to students, there are a considerable number open just off campus. Establishing a Putt shuttle transport system to and from these lots would not only provide more mobility, it would take stress off of the already existing university parking spaces.

Aside from on campus issues, I also hope to promote an increasing involvement with the community. For instance, working with Sodexo, we could establish a program in which student volunteers use excess food to prepare meals for donation to local food pantries. Even programs such as fundraising for bus passes for those in need could make a great impact on the computer.

Last, but certainly not least, I will work on improving the transparency of SGB. While the members do quite a bit of work, most of it often gets shrouded in mystery. By hosting activities such as a monthly Q and A sessions over cookies or even Chik-fil-A, I hope to get more people interested and involved in SGB.

Thank you for taking time to read this,

Aman P. Reddy