Albert Tanjaya

Presidential Candidate
Philadelphia, PA
Computer Science

My name is Albert Ekaputera Tanjaya and I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Comparative Politics, and an Asian Studies Certificate. At Pitt, my current involvement includes being a Student Government Board Member, the Vice President of External Affairs for the Asian Students Alliance, and the Campus Events Chair for the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity. Being on board now, I have really appreciated the opportunity to tackle the initiatives I ran on as an outsider last year. Aside from the current accomplishments I’ve done there are areas where we, as SGB, can always improve. As President, one of my most important initiatives is expanding SGB’s outreach and improving our visibility of resources to students. SGB is one of many outlets for students and student organizations to get their resources such as allocations, but if I asked the general student population “how many of you know the work of the Student Government Board?” chances are not many people outside the SGB bubble will know. As a computer science student, one of my biggest concern is answering the question, “Is my work easy to navigate by the user?” and that is how I see SGB; “Are we easy to navigate around?” and “How do we become personable to you?”. SGB is responsible for being the voice for the students but if the majority of student knows very little of our work, how can we be as effective? The vision I propose is to allow the Student Government Board to become transparent and visible as possible for everyone -- that includes providing supplemental information for finances other than allocations, showcasing the services SGB has to offer, how we can advocate on your behalf, what projects happening, and how your voices and concerns can be channeled through us.