Office Hours

The Board

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
PresidentMax KneisSGBPres@pitt.eduSAAGsBy Appointment
Board Member and Executive Vice PresidentZuri Kent-Smithz.kent-smith@pitt.eduM-OMonday 12PM-1PM
Tuesday 8AM-9AM, 5:30PM-8PM
Wednesday 12PM-1PM, 3PM-5:30PM
Friday 1PM-3PM
Board Member and Vice President and Chief of FinanceMaddie Guidomjg108@pitt.eduQ-SMonday 11AM-1PM
Tuesday 10:45AM-12:45PM
Wednesday 8:30AM-9:30AM
Thursday 10:45AM-12:45PM, 2:30PM-5:30PM
Board Member and Vice President and Chief of CabinetKrish Patelkkp14@pitt.eduG-LMonday 1PM-3PM
Tuesday 11AM-3PM
Friday 11AM-3PM
Board MemberCiara Barryclb202@pitt.eduPitt M - PzMonday 10AM-1PM
Tuesday 3:30PM-5:30PM
Wednesday 10AM-1PM
Friday 1PM-3PM
Board MemberIan Callahanipc8@pitt.eduA-BMonday 11AM-12PM
Tuesday 2:30PM-5:15PM
Wednesday 11AM-12:45PM
Thursday 2:30PM-4PM
Friday 12PM-3PM
Board MemberAmi Fallagf34@pitt.eduC-FMonday 12PM-4PM
Wednesday 12PM-4PM
Friday 1PM-3PM
Board MemberNihita Manemnim69@pitt.eduP - Pitt L Monday 12PM-1PM
Tuesday 11AM-12PM, 2:30PM-4PM, 5:30PM-8PM
Thursday 11AM-12PM, 2:30PM-4PM, 5:30PM-6PM
Friday 2PM-3PM
Board MemberAlex Spenceleyals362@pitt.eduT-Z Monday 2PM-4PM
Tuesday 2PM-4PM
Wednesday 9AM-12PM
Friday 10AM-12PM, 1PM-3PM
Chief of StaffDerek Arnolddla29@pitt.eduN/ATuesday 11AM-12PM
Thursday 11AM-12PM
Friday 12PM-3PM
Communications DirectorSana Mahmoodszm17@pitt.eduN/AWednesday 1PM-3:30PM
Thursday 11AM-12:30PM
Committe Name Email Office Hours
Academic AffairsJosh
Tuesday 3:30PM-5PM,
Thursday 12:15PM-4PM
Monday 2PM-3PM
Tuesday 2PM-4PM
Wednesday 10AM-11AM, 2PM-3PM, 4:30PM-5:30PM
Thursday 2PM-4PM
Friday 11AM-1PM
Community and Governmental RelationsJessa Chong jac393@pitt.eduTuesday 3PM-4PM
Wednesday 1PM-3PM
Thursday 2PM-4PM
ElectionsAnastasia Bodea Crisanadb126@pitt.eduMonday 1PM-3PM
Wednesday 1PM-3PM
Friday 1PM-2PM
Facilities, Technology, and TransportationJames Oostenjdo24@pitt.eduMonday 5PM-8PM
Tuesday 2PM-4PM
JudicialMarina Tuesday 10AM-11AM, 7:30PM-8:45PM
Wednesday 12:15PM-4PM
Thursday 10AM-11AM
WellnessMaggie Kennedymck58@pitt.eduMonday 4PM-6PM
Wednesday 12PM-3PM

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
Committee ChairCory
(267) 315-9095
SAAGsBy appointment
Committee MemberPooja M/W: 11-1pm; Th: 12:30-1:30pm
Committee MemberEllie Bellegb27@pitt.eduC M/W: 12:15-2pm; T/Th: 3:15-4pm
Committee MemberNatalie Cheuknhc4@pitt.eduD-G M: 2-3pm; W: 11-12pm, 4:30-7:30pm
Committee MemberStanley Umewenistu18@pitt.eduH-L T: 2-4pm; Th: 12-3pm
Committee MemberEthan Gertzmanemg86@pitt.eduM-O W: 1-3pm; Th: 1-4pm
Vice ChairErin McMahonelm150@pitt.eduP-Pa M/W: 4-5:45pm; T: 2:30-4pm; Th: 12:15-1pm
Committee MemberGabby Galteriogag52@pitt.eduPb-Pitt K M: 10:55- 11:55am; W: 2:30-4:30pm; Th: 4-6pm
Committee MemberMatt Jonesmsj21@pitt.eduPitt L - Pitt Z M/Th: 4-6:30pm
Committee MemberRicky Hollenbachrlh80@pitt.eduPitta-Pz T: 12-2pm; Th: 10-1pm
Committee MemberMazen Megahedmtm93@pitt.eduQ-Sp M: 2-4pm; W: 4-5pm; Th: 7-8pm; F: 2-3pm
Committee MemberJenna DeVivojed117@pitt.eduSq-T T: 11-2pm, 5-6pm; Th: 7:15-8:15pm
Committee MemberBen Kingbwk13@pitt.eduU-Z T: 2:30-4:30pm; W: 3-5pm; F: 11-12pm